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I know your dirty little secret :iconarkhamhood99:ArkhamHood99 36 22
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) X Male Reader
 (A/N: This one of my DC female x male reader. I did Jessica because she's my favourite hero and Green Lanterns are awesome. Don't forget favourite and comment.)
You don't know what to do with a situation like this. You were at the apartment of your girlfriend named Jessica Cruz. The reason why came here is because you recived a call from her sister, Sarah. After you arrived, you asked 
 Apperently, Jessica was out hunting with her friends in the Forrest. As they were walking, they saw two men burying dead bodies. When the men saw them, they killed her her friends. However, Jessica ran away and survived. But, the massacre left her traumatized , guilt stricken and the point where she developed augrophobia. She locked herself in the   storage room in the basement and feared that the men are after her.
 After hearing this, you felt really sorry and wanted to fix this. You approached the door of the room and said despretly "Jess, please it's me (Y/N). I wanted to h
:iconarkhamhood99:ArkhamHood99 25 11
Maria Torres X Male Reader - Let Me Help You
(A/N: This is my first fanfic so please don't criticize me. Also, there aren't any Trauma Center reader insert so I decided to make since it's my favorite game. also I don't own the picture. Enjoy.)
It was a cloudy day and you walked are walking down the streets, heartbroken that your Ex dumped you because you wanted to become a doctor and  paramedic when you're done college. " Ugh, can't believe that bitch did that to me,"  you said mentally in your head. Your train of thoughts was interrupted when you suddenly heard someone saying "Move out of the way assholes!" then you got crashed and fell on the ground. You look at the person who crashed into onto you and to your surprise, it was a tanned woman with green eyes, short brown hair who's around 20. She is wearing a black tank top under a yellow-green jacket which you believed to be a paramedic. She also wears a pair of goggles around her neck, a pair of jeans short which exposes her legs also a pai
:iconarkhamhood99:ArkhamHood99 6 10


Tom and Jerry by Shira-hedgie Tom and Jerry :iconshira-hedgie:Shira-hedgie 2,465 160
We All Want You (Senran Kagura X MReader)
AN: Well now, here’s something fun I am doing. Senran Kagura X MaleReader. By that, I mean: 20 girls X Reader-Kun. I mean, I don’t need to explain, but have fun with this crazy idea I have conjured up. Again, it was a sorta request, but also this was something that would happen. Anyway, get ready boy, they’re coming for you~
About You: So, here’s what you need to know about you: Your father was crazy awesome warrior, so you also are a crazy awesome warrior. You were with the Hanzo girls at first, but soon was kidnapped by Crimson Squad for info, then Gessen for the same reason, then Hebijo. You played a sort of hot potato between the girls, and you showed them your soft side, and the fact you didn’t really know anything. Either way, you became friends with all the girls, but little did you know, they all wanted something from you, and during the festival, it was when they admit it to you.
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 84 65
Secret Student (Team Hanzo X MReader)
AN: Alright, so I finally got to start watching the anime, and two things. One: I have seem to become so use to the nonsense of breast in anime, that anything breast related seems to not affect me. XD And two: I love it. X3 Anyway, Hanzo Girls X Male Reader. Harem time baby.
About you: You attended Hanzo academy before the girls did. As such, when the team fully formed, you had graduated, tho they didn’t know about you. You were a sort of secret student of Kiriya. So you aren’t the best with people, but what you are is an impressive fighter. Your weapon being duel short swords. You still worked for Kiriya and Hanzo, and now time for something to change.
(Third Person)
Asuka walked in with her team, the day starting like normal. Everyone was talking about stuff, when a smoke bomb entered. They expected to see Kiriya but instead,
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 80 32
Tales from Mussel High: Liesbeth by ElsieGuen Tales from Mussel High: Liesbeth :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 253 38
Mature content
A Leg Fetish :iconpopdood:popdood 25 14
Marcarita by Koku78 Marcarita :iconkoku78:Koku78 341 30 Marcarita - Universe 11 by Dannyjs611 Marcarita - Universe 11 :icondannyjs611:Dannyjs611 269 57 Son Bra Brief (Dragon Ball Multiverse) by VegithL Son Bra Brief (Dragon Ball Multiverse) :iconvegithl:VegithL 28 5 Female broly. by dicasty1 Female broly. :icondicasty1:dicasty1 284 25 New Saiyajin Legendary by SaoDVD New Saiyajin Legendary :iconsaodvd:SaoDVD 239 59 Angeles by dicasty1 Angeles :icondicasty1:dicasty1 244 9 Favorite Bug Type: Galvantula by KatieOsika Favorite Bug Type: Galvantula :iconkatieosika:KatieOsika 186 16 Larkspur The Fletchling by JessicaPedley Larkspur The Fletchling :iconjessicapedley:JessicaPedley 16 7 Wind by nightsanghaw Wind :iconnightsanghaw:nightsanghaw 189 11 Salandit by CuteSkitty Salandit :iconcuteskitty:CuteSkitty 257 8 Pikipek by Siplick Pikipek :iconsiplick:Siplick 694 31



Good news guys, Since the one shot Jessica Cruz was good. I decided to make a story. By m friend OmegaNexus52 wants to do it instead because he always love underrated heroes. So my friend Omega, give it a shot.
Which is better the sun or the moon? Brightest Days or Blackest Nights
(Y/N)'s infected form: Ethan Winter..Human..No..Harm
Ethan: How did you know my name?!
 (Y/N)'s infected form: Aunt Rhodey..Told..Y/N to rescue..Ethan
Resident Evil VII or Female Gijinka Zoroark which one you wanna see?
Aunt Rhodey: (Y/N)! Listen to me there is a man that goes bumy the name Ethan Winters and he is kidnapped by the Baker family you got to reacue him!

(Y/n)'s infected form: Yes, Aunt Rhodey!


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I'm New here I love writing. My job is to be a writer. I like anime, manga, comics and video games.


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